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Are you currently taking a deep breath as we enter Autumn and it is time once again to refresh your Marketing Plan for 2018?  Will your boss survive telling you you can’t have that much money again?

We all want to make sure we get our next year’s marketing strategies as bang on as we can.  What a juggle that is though – getting sign off for budget, keeping the right marketing goals in the air and trying to ensure your company keeps its sales growing.  I’m sure that many of us will be googling things like “Marketing trends 2018” one or two sad evenings over a bottle of wine.


When you do, you’ll see key phrases such as:

Micro Moments

This is all about the shift to mobile.  We need to be on the right marketing platform saying the right thing at the right time.  Here is a great leaflet from Google about Micro Moments:



Personalised Content

This has been around for a while now but is only gaining in importance.  Open up who we are and how we tick to our customers. Here’s a good article about them: DIGITAL MARKETING MAGAZINE


Using the Right Data

Speaks for itself – only gather it if it is useful and directly influences your marketing. Here’s a good article from EMARSYS.



Your own fan club promoting you – no brainer and very satisfying. Here’s a great article from FORBES.


Visual Content

Frankly, anything that visualises any aspect of your business.  Yes, we all know videos are the next big thing – but it’s amazing how many people say this to me who haven’t even got a photo of their boss on the website yet. (Or to be fair to marketers, they may have one, but it is one the boss insists of putting up of them on holiday 20 years ago). Here’s a good article from VERVATE (it’d be weird not to).


You know what, these are really exciting.  Mostly because if you are taking time to read this then I’d put money on the fact that you are already doing much of this.  To add to the excitement (though it could be I am over half way down the bottle),  you can repurpose visual content for all of these elements at least once over the year and tick all of these boxes.  Just think.  If you had photographs of your staff, your services, behind the scenes of your business, with clients – images that tell the story of you business basically – how many of those elements and more could you tick off?  Visuals that are unique to you can be used over and over, planned in to articles, used in newsletters, sent out to the media, used on your website – and so the list goes on.

If that isn’t good ROI I don’t know what is.


Check this out:

visual asset infographic for marketing strategy

Susi Doherty of Vervate smiles to camera

Let’s build up your visual portfolio together so that during 2018, you can get a massive amount of use from your assets and see an huge increase in engagement.

The 2019 marketing strategy budget will be a piece of cake to get signed off after that.


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