By being visual I mean your business, not you – these are not suggestions for fancy dress.  Although I did meet my wife whilst dressed as a tomato, so am something of an expert there too..!


Halloween, Christmas, Diwali, Birthdays, Valentines…..

These occasions should never be a surprise but they always seem to come round really quickly and then there is that staring at the computer screen moment of realisation – ‘WHAT SHALL I POST?‘ Here are 4 tips to help you avoid that panic.

  1. Save your images

Take the opportunity this year to take a few extra shots of celebratory shenanigans and save them until next year.  You will love yourself!  I have a Flickr account set up in full private mode so that only I can see it.  My own workflow is to:

  • Take the picture (yes, it does need saying – don’t let opportunities pass you by – if you Don’t click, you Miss!)
  • Edit 
  • Save straight to Flickr
  • Add in tags so that I can actually find it when I need it!

Picture by Brighton Togs/Skye Brackpool - www.brightontogs.com 07973677017 20140323 RED CROSS - National Assembly 2014. Held in Brighton.

2.  Get Creative

Clearly this takes time. However, if you designate some space in your diary to getting to discovering the best app to help you design stuff, and the kind of images that work well for your marketing purposes, then it gets way quicker and very satisfying.  If it’s for a big campaign, as anything it makes sense to use a professional designer.  If it is for more snackable content to keep up your posts during festivities for instance, then many of the apps available at the moment are brilliant.  Two of the most popular are:


Very easy to use, and some wonderful graphics and images.  Some great stuff for free and lots of fab resources if you upgrade to Premium.





This is my go-to app for design –  I love the templates and ease of use, though I do think PicMonkey has better graphics.



3. Get people involved!

Share your need for images with staff.  People love to be involved.  You could even share with them your knowledge of getting better at taking photos with their mobiles (they’ll love that) – HERE are some tips!  Ask them to share them with you so that you can post on the company channels and tag them in.  Likewise of course, involve clients or fans using a specific campaign (competitions, relevant hashtags etc) – HERE are some handy ideas from the brilliant Social Media Examiner.

4. Go Live!

Whether you are hosting a glittering event, or having pizzas at a staff member’s birthday – live streaming is the way to go!  Involve people in the moment.  Facebook Live is a current favourite, but the whole thing is taking off right now so keep an eye out for what is around and just try it out!  Still images are also relevant here, it’s all about the hashtag #RememberThem – HERE is a useful article on creating a hashtag for your business from Sprout Social.

Keep eyes on YOU!

Keep Visual.

We help build up your portfolio by providing bespoke libraries of images that you can dip into when you need them, whatever the time of year.  These are proving extremely popular as we use our expertise to provide you with a stock library so that you save time as well as have an on-brand set of images at your finger tips.


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