4 Ways to Easily Show Your Unique Personality


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Another set of statistics from a report by eMarketer, shows that:
  • Photos accounted for 75% of content posted on Facebook
  • Those photos had an 87% engagement rate
  • Other post types received no more than a 4% engagement.


All kinds of images and not just photos can and should be used, of course. However, photos remain one of the best ways to show your personality to your clients.

1. Involve your audience: captions

One of the ways you can do that is to get your audience and clients to get involved.  A really simple way to do that with images is to ask for captions to photos that are a bit quirky.

So go on then, CAPTION above and send me what you’ve got… best ones will go on Twitter and Facebook with a tag to you included.


2. Involve your audience: comment!

Don’t wait for people to engage with you without chatting to them.  You don’t walk into a party and sit glamorously in the corner expecting everyone to start talking to you. Well you might but even if that works for you it’s not a great personality trait is it!

Look for potential customers (yes, creating personas is a great way to narrow it down and think about tone of voice). Interact with them and encourage the use of hashtags which you use all the time (for me, that is #visualcontent).  Engaging with their images and/or visual marketing (depending if you are B2B or B2C) show you care, you listen and they hear your voice directly.


3. Your Instagram Feed

If you haven’t got one of these yet, please do.  It is great fun and has one of the highest numbers of people engaged wth it of all the social media channels.  HERE is a great article from Forbes about why it is great for business.

Two little tips here:

  1. If you didn’t realise, double tapping on an image you like means you have liked it.

A screenshot of a like heart on an image in Instagram



2.  I use this handy little plug in to stream my Instagram feed into my WordPress website:


Instagram Feed

the logo of instagram feed plug in

Here is what it looks like (I use it on my Workshops page to show how much better you can get at taking your own photos like I did):


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4. Your Inside story

Never under estimate the importance of showing people who your business is and how you work.  As customers, we all like to feel part of something, to understand what makes a company tick, how working with them adds to our life experience.


Behind the scenes visuals gives potential customers direct insight into your company & draw them to you #Experience #VisualContent Click To Tweet




A teacher talks to her students in a college about home economics

Credit – Simon Dack / Vervate


As a visual agency, we at VERVATE are well placed to help you get your personality across visually.  One thing that is proving extremely popular is having your own library of images:




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