Before you go…The average human attention span is now 8 seconds.  A goldfish has a span of 9 seconds.


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Putting regular images in a post holds attention for longer.  Simple.

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Snackable visual assets are becoming increasingly essential to communicating your brand story.   By snackable, I mean you need a lot of assets to keep up with the demand for them, and as per the goldfish fact above – they will be viewed and judged very quickly!  The key thing here is ‘your brand’ – not someone else’s (i.e. a staff stock photo) and not anything that makes your brand look anything less than the banging one you work hard to keep alive.  Make sure that your visual assets reflect that.  Keep a library system (even a private Flickr account) with a stock of images you know you can use (i.e.. you have the copyright, licence, permission to use, you made it or you bought it).



Storytelling is increasingly vital.  It might be your own company stories, a client’s story… whatever engages people and creates a sense of involvement with your company.  The important thing is that your stories have a plot line (beginning, middle and end).  Visuals obviously bring stories alive – a picture tells a thousand words and all that.  Have you seen the Ladybird books for adults?  Many of us slightly older ones loved our Ladybird books, the visuals primarily – and this great marketing idea taps into that.  We thrive on stories, they connect us as humans.


Be transparent.  People increasingly want to trust who they purchase from and work with.  Show people what you do, how you work, and how you interact with customers.  Photographs and video are great ways to do that.  Consider real time platforms such as Periscope which is currently gaining momentum.


Martlets Snowdogs by the Sea campaign.


Default marketing. Value people and our environment and show people that.  People can spot a fraud a mile off so make sure you really do mean what you say.  Pick a charity to support – making the support the focus, not the publicity – that will come as a by-product – but this is all about building a solid brand and real community involvement into the company.  Ensure you continuously look at your environmental stance – do you only use products where necessary etc. Again, images of these things in action are great ways to communicate to everyone what your company is all about.

A white iPhone on a wooden table to take photographs with


Keep on the right platforms.  Customer service enquiries via social media have increased two and a half times over the last 2 years – with 80% coming via Twitter.  Make sure your content looks just as good on mobiles as mobile usage has increased and now exceeds desktops and laptops.

As well as delivering bespoke photographs for clients, Vervate offer training to help companies and individuals to keep up with the need for visual assets.  Contact us for further information.




Also with reference to a report by Microsoft and Column Five Media.



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