5 Photography Apps to the Rescue: Updated December 2017

Appy Christmas Everyone (appologies for poor joke)


Clearly there are literally thousands of photography and fun visual type apps that have a Christmas theme – you can do anything from stalk Santa as he travels round the globe (iPhone/Android) to go on an Elf Run (iPhone/Android).  You can also get hold of countless free (if you can bare the ads and cope with a few less functions) photography based Christmas apps.

Here are a few suggestions to try out this year – giving something back first:

Share the Meal

share the meal app logo

An app that enables you to provide a meal for a child.  You can now also take a photo of your own meal and share it with #shareameal to encourage others to do the same. I find this concept incredibly odd but frankly if it encourages more people to donate then it is brilliant.  Think how many times you take photos of food over times like Christmas and how this app will at least prompt you to share it with someone else in a really easy way.


Capture the Magic


Easy to use santa installer!  Take a photo of your room or office and add in a photo of Santa.  For the unbelievers maybe…!


Xmas Booth


In my opinion the reason for these kind of apps to exist is to while away those times when the family insist you all watch Home Alone for the 16th time. Here are a few of my own attempts (I have to admit I didn’t spend along time on this…you may find you can do way better during the duration of a whole film/Queens Speech or whatever your nemesis is):





Snow Cam


There are a fee apps that let you hold your device’s camera up and watch ‘snow’ fall on the scene, you can take stills of it and just enjoy it (most fun on a beach in Australia I imagine).  I liked this one because it makes a short video of that.  Oh the time we waste!

Here’s my attempt with an image of my wife and best friend in our local.  The app lightens your image automatically so don’t use flash to take one is my recommendation. You then get a few options of snow type etc:

Elf Yourself

elf yourself

Most of you will have seen this before and it really is a time pit.  It’s a ‘put your face in the hole’ app with dancing elves.  What’s not to like!  Here is my own attempt featuring Vervate elves, obvs:


Well I hope this helps with having some fun using your device’s camera over the holidays.  The other chance this kind of festive season provides is time to have a play with an editing app – they can really make such a difference to the quality of your photographs.  Here are some links to helpful articles:

A few good apps

Getting better at smartphone photography



The absolute take away from this blog if nothing else though – life is too short to see it all through a lens or an electronic device.  Put it down for more time than you are holding on to it this holiday!


HAPPY CHRISTMAS from all of us at VERVATE.




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