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That Editing Thing!

Here are a few good apps that you can use to edit your photographs taken on your mobile phone.  There are new ones coming out all the time, but really finding the one for you depends entirely on your comfort zone, what you want to use the images for, and how much time you want to spend on the process.  Mostly they do the same kind of things: crop, adjust lighting and colour, add filters and re-size.  There are lots of other bits and bobs such as ‘sharpening‘ [links to a good article about sharpening from Digital Photo Secrets], but really the trick is to find an app that suits you and your needs.  Play around with a few until something fits – remember to keep an original copy of the image so that you can always start again!

For those of you that already know the basics, you can also get hold of more advanced apps such as Adobe Lightroom or maybe Pixlr.

Here is a selection of free apps – you really don’t need to buy an app as there is an enormous selection of great free ones available.  As you try a few out, remember these points:

Your Needs:  What kind of images are you taking and for what purpose – i.e.. what are your social media streams, are you posting them straight to social media or sending to a colleague?  It is handy if you can upload to your social media site from wherever you are editing – be aware of optimising your image for that, some apps will help you, otherwise read some tips here or use a re-sizing tool [two of which are at the bottom or this article].

Workflow:  This is the phrase used by photographers that describes the process of taking an image to using the image [put the image where you need it – phone, library, computer – save originals and back up if required – edit and save – use as required].  Finding a workflow that works for you is invaluable as you will discover that you can work way quicker, confidently knowing you have covered all the bases you need to.

Your Brand:  Find a look, be it filter or style of photograph, that suits you as the photographer and your company’s needs.  Be as consistent as possible.

Your Ability:  Don’t worry one bit if things get too technical.  Find an app that feels comfortable and you are confident with.

Photo Editors for your Mobile Phone


ps elements

Adobe Photoshop Express

Optional sign in and the usual paid for upgrades available.  I like this app in that there are some nice filters and I think it is very easy to use.  Adobe as many others do like to grab your details, but if you sign in [free] you can save your own ‘Look’ – handy in maintaining consistency without going through the same settings each tim, [remember that each image is unique however].





Bought out by Google earlier in 2015 and many new features have been added to it.  I love this app, it has lots of features and is a great free tool.  However, it does take a bit of getting used to.  I’d suggest taking time to have a look through one of the helpful ‘How To’ guides and having a go yourself – here is the official Guide.



be funkyBe Funky

A great one to start out with, though you can currently only upload to Facebook directly from the app.  There are lots of user friendly editing tools as well as templates for designing social media posts for example.


pic monkeyPic Monkey

Nice design and fairly straight forward to use – be aware that the Royale features require you to upgrade.  Definitely worth a play to see how it feels for you – it does include a few free stock images and fonts too.






Some lovely features and easy to use – sign in required but you can go in via Facebook for ease. You can also do some nice easy collages on this app.



Apps for easy re-sizing of photographs for marketing and social media


This app is handy in that it is quick and easy, you can use any of their own stock images or upload your own (which is best 99% of the time to keep your social presence unique).




photo resizerPhoto Resizer

Easy to use for resizing to social media but very basic in relation to editing the photograph.

Screenshot below shows you where to go to find the crop/resize links:


Photo Resizer

This list is in no way exhaustive – there are so many apps out there at the moment and things change so quickly.  Give these a go and see if one to two work for you.  I would be really grateful to know your feedback and hear of any others that you are settling on using.  Remember it’s just a little learning curve, once you’ve cracked it you will posting away easily, confidently and your images will look fantastic.



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