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Britains Got Talent Auditions at Churchill Square


Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate Churchill Square hosted Britain's Got Talent Open Auditions today - 8 year old Amber Morris-Blake who did a dance audition (Amber's mum 07951 954963)

Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate


I am always in awe of our photographers as I watch them move around at these kind of commissions.  There is so much to consider – getting the right kind of shots, being aware of who is around and not getting in the way, any copyright or permissions issues.  Then there is the Brief – the list of shots that you have been asked to get by your client.  That is where is helps working with the same client on a long term basis and getting to really know how they work and what they need.

I took this video on my iPhone of photographer Liz at a commission for Churchill Square in Brighton.  We have worked with them for a few years now and really enjoy our relationship with them.  I kept losing sight of her she darted about so much!


Feel confident to let us get on with it.

We are very experienced at these kind of commissions and our clients love the fact that they can absolutely rely on us in a number of ways.  Do you have a need for this kind of experience?


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