5 moments of madness

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Written by Susi Doherty

Updated: February 2020

Businesses are waking up to the fact that visuals play a core aspect in their day to day marketing needs. At Vervate we make it our mission to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to be confident with photographs.  Here is our list of 5 moments of madness you need to watch out for:


1.  The ‘shove any old photograph in because you can’t find anything quickly’ moment

I’ve just written a beautiful blog about the need to be aware of a new tax law – it is informative and vitally important my clients know about it.  Mmm, what might encourage them to open the blog – the word tax may not help here, I think to myself.  So, I craft a fantastic title to lure people in and then realise an image or two would really lift it and make it more vibrant.  What to put in a photograph of though?  Well look, I just spent 2 hours writing this thing, I haven’t got time to think about the illustrations – where’s that picture I have on my phone of that cat, everyone loves a cat picture…?


Cat in a pub moment




2.  The ‘it may be overused but oh but it’s such a funny photograph’ moment

I just want to pop something up on Twitter to make everyone laugh – it’s Friday after all.  Now, what to say…. I know, I’ll make a meme up, everyone loves one of them.  I’ll use that picture I’ve seen a lot with various phrases on, it still makes me chuckle…




Here are some fascinating facts about this particular gorgeous picture and its origins, from which I made my own meme.

NOTE:  This rule also applies to images of clients looking ridiculous, your boss scratching his behind and very likely the staff Christmas party.


3.  The ‘stuff it I’ll just use any old stock photograph’ moment

There’s no denying it, stock photographs can be a great way to save money and get hold of some fab images, but it pays to think twice before using them. At the moment, for instance, I need a new picture of our staff team on the front of my gorgeous new £10,000 website.  We need to look professional and approachable and all those business things.  Use a professional photographer you say – what on earth for, they are too expensive and I can’t see what on earth they will bring to things.  I’ll use a stock photograph – no-one will know and it will be cheaper.  I will ignore the fact that other businesses around the word will have used the exact same image and that we are probably giving the impression we have no personality and all have forced smiles.

It may received terrible reviews but the 2015 film ‘Unfinished Business’ used this topic in it’s marketing, here’s an article from The Telegraph about it.


4.  The ‘I just found this online and saved it – everyone else does it, so I am using it damn it and no-one will stop me’ moment

Everyone else may do it, but lots of people do lots of things, that doesn’t necessarily make it right.  Lots of people also get sued and have to to pay big fines.  It can be done in absolute ignorance too, and, if it results in a nasty letter, is a horrible experience for you.  A big take-out to remember here too is thinking about your business ethos and professionalism – how does using an image in this manner reflect on you? Take a minute to check out the permissions and credit the photographer wherever you need to.  






5.  The ‘oh crap this is a terrible picture I just took on my phone but at least I have one’ moment 

I am at a conference, near the back because there’s not lots of people here and I want to make a quick exit if I want to.  It’s a work trip though so I do need to tweet about it.  Hang on, I’ll just take a quick picture to show off to the world how amazing this is:


Dark moment in an event


Oh so you can’t see anything and it looks like I am in a railway tunnel.  Hey ho, job done.

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