Repurposing visual content

Some tips on how valuable it is to repurpose your old visual content – and some ideas about how to do it.

5 moments of madness

A lady with comedy glasses and moutsache

5 moments of madness Photo Credit: Written by Susi Doherty Updated: February 2020 Businesses are waking up to the fact that visuals play a core aspect in their day to day marketing needs. At Vervate we make it our mission to enable businesses of all shapes and sizes to be confident with photographs.  Here is […]

The Planet of GIF


The planet of GIF Written by Susi Doherty Updated: February 2019  What is a GIF? All Aconryms notes that there are actually 44 different meanings for GIF – from Global Income Fund to Guniee Airlines to Guaranteed Investment Funds.   This dip into the world of GIFs is (take a breath…): “The Graphics Interchange Format (better known by its […]