Why you should spend money on yourself.

In the words of Simon Sinek, let’s Start With Why –  Why should you spend money on yourself?

Why should I pay for photographs when I can get them free?

Why would I pay for a copywriter when I can write a passable feature myself?

Why would I pay for a designer for my social media posts when we have someone in the offices who knows how to use Facebook and Canva?

Why would I need someone to do my sites SEO when people who want to find us can?

You ask: Why would I spend money for photographs when I can get them free?

We say;
We all know the phrase ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’ and we have all seen images that are truly awe inspiring and quite literally stop us in our tracks. A beautiful image may uplift our mood, a harrowing one disturb us and an unexpected one surprise us.

Images that are just right give us a sense of something, they set a tone, a meaning and a level of energy that we understand, without words. We just get it.

These images do exist in photo libraries, just put in a description of what you want and the photo library will interpret your search and show you lots of images that sum up what it thinks you want to say. We had a lot of fun recently putting the term ‘Leading the way’ into around 10 ‘free’ photo libraries. We saw some stunning images and some may have been relevant to our business in a non-specific but sometimes very beautiful way.

But when you have a photographer who takes photographs specifically to demonstrate what you do, who you are, where you are, what you care about – they will get it right.

We know that photographs taken for our clients present them as being friendly, trustworthy and authentic, and we think that is how most businesses want and need to be perceived.

You ask: Why would I spend money for a copywriter when I can write a passable feature myself?

We say;

For many years the phrase ‘Content is King’ has been banded around amongst marketers as the ‘only marketing left’. Well we don’t agree, what we think is that good, relevant, interesting, informative and true content can be king. That content aimed at your audiences talking about things you know about in a way that allows your readers to gain something, that’s the sort of content that is king. Your customers should be able to tell what you care about from reading an article, a facebook post, or a tweet. But mostly they should know that you care about them, and the stuff you tell them will hopefully mean that they value you in return.

We know that content written specifically for our clients with their values, knowledge and insights running through, like rock, is the content people want to read. And if people want to read it then the will want to work with you.

You Say: Why would I spend money for a designer for my social media posts when we have someone in the office who knows how to use Facebook?

We say;

Knowing how to use Facebook is a great place to start, but ‘someone in the office’ may not have a clue how to put together posts that engage with your followers (or help you gain new ones!). In many ways social media is one of the hardest ways to communicate well and over a sustained period of time. Once we have helped you identify what you could be posting about we can create a selection of assets that you can use in your social media. A range of colours, backgrounds, illustrations and images that reflect your organisations tone and values.

You say: Why would I spend money for someone to do my site’s SEO when people who want to find us find us?

We say;

What SEO does is enable you to decide who are the people you want to find you and then appeal to them in terms of content, imagery, communication of values etc etc. Sure they probably find you if they put your company name into Google, and they might find you because someone they know is a client of yours and recommends you. But what if your perfect new client just hasn’t met you yet. They don’t know that you are the answer to their problem… and you forgot to mention it.. so you pass like ships in the night. Don’t forget to let Google know who you are, what you do, what you care about, how much other people recommend you and that’s Search.

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