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Launch Party for the Summer of Circus at Worthing Theatres: Poy Passion performing
Please Credit – Simon Dack / Vervate


I was inspired to write this blog after seeing this beautiful website by Reuters’ photographers: The Wider Image.

There is a huge range of stories, from a wonderful and moving insight into Going to School in Syria to a glimpse into the lives of residents of Portugal’s Dying Villages.

Clearly the photojournalists that delve deeply into these stories to find the best way to capture them are amazingly talented.  It is no simple point and shoot.

You will have your own favourites I am sure that you’ve seen on social media and admired, or deliberately follow and look out for.  I also love this guy, Lee Jeffries, who here is featured in an article on Buzz Feed:


This Photographer Immersed Himself In The Lives Of Homeless People

Self-taught photographer Lee Jeffries first began this series in 2008 when he was in London to run a marathon. Using a long zoom lens, Jeffries tried to photograph a young homeless woman from across the street as she lay huddled in a sleeping bag in a doorway.


I also noticed that the way the images are displayed draws the reader in.  They deserve our full attention after all, they are amazing.  To pop in these images as thumbnails would be not only to undervalue the images, but also it doesn’t draw you in in the same way at all.  We are all innately drawn to images of our world, the look in someones eye. Photographs can and should grab our attention and draw us like magnets to the story they are exploding in front of us. Click To Tweet


There is something to remember here for your own marketing.  I am looking at the way I do my own as this realisation really came home to me.  If you have some amazing photographs in your visual portfolio – don’t put them halfheartedly into your blog or newsletter.  Make sure they are fit for purpose (i.e. load well and don’t pixelate for a start!) and be PROUD.  Draw in your readers with them.  They are about your business – don’t be scared of the BOOM factor!

Whether you need help in sourcing images, having your own stock of bespoke quality images for that real BOOM factor, or whether you want to understand how to optimise the way you use the images you have – that is what we do.  Every day, for a lot of companies.


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