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As the person that started up our business 5 years ago, I always wanted to ensure my principles and ethics carried through all that we are as a business.  I had no idea how on earth that would unfold but it has proved an interesting and exciting journey so far.

I have always been involved in organisations like Amnesty International and been on marches and signed petitions – I guess I am passionate about people.  Those principles I have found to be easy enough to weave into the way the business is run and how we treat our clients.  I haven’t had to go on a demonstration to claim unpaid invoices or anything yet so maybe that will change!!

Susi Doherty of Vervate on a demonstration in 2010

Image: Liz Finlayson/Vervate – Me on a demonstration in 2010

That ethos really only effected the way I ran the business – plus we offered a discounted charity rate.  We still offer that, but as a bigger business now, we are able to more fully be actively involved in supporting charities.

Deborah Meaden (quoted above), one of my ‘inspirational people’, is amongst the incredibly successful entrepreneurs to have written about the benefits of business supporting charity – click the quote for the full article.

“..corporate fundraising can bring a very important sense of fun into business proceedings.”

2016 was our Year of The Snowdogs


The Snowdogs by The Sea campaign took place over the whole of 2016.  In aid of The Martlets, a much loved hospice in Hove – it was a huge undertaking for the team there.








Snow dogs by the Sea logo


As we also wanted to support a charity or campaign that needed our visual expertise – this fitted us like a glove, so we became official sponsors.





In a nutshell, over 2016, Vervate:

Were official photographers at 5 Snowdog Events

Took images of the Snowdogs on 11 different occasions – with their sponsors, on location, etc

Provided in excess of 1,000 images, 6 videos and 1 Cinemagraph

Carried a LOT of Snowdogs around different locations, including Churchill Square shopping Centre the North Laines and Devils Dyke.

Lost a wing mirror on the hired van we had to move Snowdogs (not our fault, btw!)

Led a training session on taking images for the comms staff

Did a presentation to the Marketing Teams of the other Sponsors

Officially sponsored the Snowdog called Roodle (pictured below)

Our images were used to secure coverage in all the local press outlets as well as a great piece in The Times.









Made a LOT of new friends and business contacts

Provided a discounted package for all sponsors on their own individual campaign.

Tweeted and retweeted as much as possible to support the reach of the campaign.

Had an absolute blast.

Snowdog Roodle at Devils Dyke

Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate

We had some wonderful feedback from The Martlets, especially from Sarah the Project Manager, and felt like part of the team.

Most importantly we were part of the £337,900 finally raised at auction in December 2016 (not including other donations).


So what were the benefits for our business?

We have bonded even more as a team, and really enjoyed just getting stuck in and helping where it was needed.

We have had our Vervate credit line on a LOT of press coverage next to our photographs.

We had access to meeting some amazing people that we wouldn’t necessarily have met easily at other times.

We grew in our experience of running successful campaigns – Roodle had his own Twitter account – amassing nearly 500 followers in a few months (it became infamous along with the Bella Italia Snowdog!).

As sponsors, our brand has been magnified locally.

We have strengthened our company ethos of ‘people first’ in ways that are difficult to quantify.

I surprised myself about how much I could care for a large inanimate furry Snowdog.

We will continue to support The Martlets in 2017.

As the Campaign is over for this year at least, we are also now supporting another charity called Refugee Support.  Currently this involves supporting their social media and getting a monthly newsletter out to their expanding list of supporters.

It feels good to put something back.  It is great to use expertise and resources to directly support some amazing work.


Charity work doesn't have to be just about using up budget at the end of a year-tho' don't discount it! Click To Tweet It can be hard work – whatever, it is extra work – but at Vervate, we wholeheartedly recommend you get on with it, get stuck in, and make a difference in lots of ways.

Roodle has his hair done

Behind the scenes with Vervate. This is from a press shoot as part of Snowdogs by the Sea campaign in aid of The Martlets in Brighton & Hove. Vervate are official photographers and also sponsors of one of the Snowdogs called Roodle.


Visualise your story

All this experience and ‘people first’ attitude goes straight back to our clients.  Let us give you loads of visual content to marketing your business – your own unique story.



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