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tearsheetsGetting some good, positive coverage in the press – whether it is local, national or professional trade is a vital part of a school marketing strategy.  It can:

Attract pupils and parents

Create a buzz with parents, pupils and staff

Please the Governors!

Strengthen community relationships

Build professional pride

Enable more engagement with other sectors, industries and agencies

Demonstrate positive ethos to regulatory bodies such as Ofsted



Liz is a Partner here at Vervate Ltd.  She was previously Senior Press Photographer at The Argus – winning awards for her photojournalism skills.  Here she says why it is that a good photo can secure you the coverage that you need:

“People want to see the news, they want to visualise what’s going on.  If a good picture catches your eye, you are way more likely to stop and take note of what the story is, who it’s about.  The other thing to remember is that newspapers are really struggling for good content.  Their staff numbers are way down, but they still need good stuff to put in the paper.  So if you get a good picture and attach it to a press release, you have a massively increased chance of getting it printed and online.”



Good photos should visualise your story, capture an expression, spark an emotion, draw a reader in.


Good photos should visualise your story, capture an expression, spark an emotion, draw a reader in. Click To Tweet


Stuck for what your press coverage could be about?  Schools are an incredibly rich source of content:


evidence-of-learning-12Here is a bit more information that may help:

Briefing Photographers

Using Photographs in Education


Let us know if there is anything else you would find useful, or for any questions that you have about getting into the press.

Get your school the press coverage it deserves

We have the experience (yes, we really do), enthusiasm and desire to work with your marketing team.


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