Your Business Profile Picture: Do you need an update?

Take a look at how you represent yourself online.  What do people see?  What do they need to see if you want their business?

Younger days?

Simon 1970s business profile picture

Simon 1970s business profile picture

I asked my photographers for their profile pictures.  Simon sent me this:

It’s a fabulous photograph of him in the 1970s.  Yes, he really is an amazingly experienced photographer!  He was only joking around, but I do see a lot of people using profile photographs that are – well from their younger days.







Your not at work days?

Susi Doherty MD Vervate business profile picture

business profile picture

I like this picture of me, but it was taken at Pride after a few glasses of bubbles. Is it the way I want prospective clients to view me?







First impressions!

All I’m saying is – take a look at your public image.  You can have a gorgeous, fun, confident on-brand image of you sure, but if people don’t know you – is the image you have of yourself telling them what you want them to hear?

People buy from people, we all have amazing stories and want the world to know how much fun we are and how lovely we are – but fun and lovely doesn’t necessarily clinch a deal.

We give clients top notch business profile pictures for different outlets.  We make the taking of them a great experience too!

Simon Dack business profile picture

Simon Dack business profile picture

PS Here is Simon’s actual picture now..:)



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