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We have recently worked with Helen Bailey from Aviatrix, who we commissioned to undertake a focus group for Vervate.  Aviatrix are a market research company.  Helen has an amazing amount of experience – her career has included being the owner and operator of five restaurants with a turnover in excess of £5 million.  She has built Aviatrix up to work with some amazing clients, having identified a gap in the market for a bespoke market research company.  As she says, Aviatrix, ‘..helps companies to increase their sales by gaining a greater understanding of their business through the eyes of customers.’


Helen Bailey of Aviatrix with the manager of Walkabout in Temple, London discussing the menu there in relation to a focus group

Credit: Skye Brackpool/Vervate.  Helen Bailey of Aviatrix and a member of staff at Temple Walkabout discussing their menu.


During a period of rapid growth, I wanted to ensure that Vervate were staying on course and developing services in the right areas.  Helen was a go-to person for me to ask to set up a focus group with some target professionals for Vervate.  The whole process was stimulating, interesting and incredibly valuable.

We discussed the key questions I had in depth and together we sourced the right people to attend.  Helen sent out the invitations and undertook the event.  You can read a bit more about it HERE, but basically just to say the people that kindly attended all really enjoyed it.  Helen has a great personality, sense of fun and directness that makes it easy to share and be honest in such situations.  She is also incredibly insightful and her experience enabled her to take the conversation into areas I wouldn’t necessarily have thought of whilst being guided by the people there.

After the group took place, Aviatrix transcribed much of the content (anonymously) and formulated it into a report.  We then all sat together and discussed the findings.  Wow.  What an amazing experience – to have the opportunity to see your business from the outside and get some ideas for the direction to take it in.

​I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Aviatrix.  Helen is a joy to work with and her experience of business is invaluable.  Vervate is currently working with her to develop a new visual identity so do keep an eye on their website over the next few months to see how that develops.  In the meantime, have a chat with Helen to see how the focus group approach will benefit you.


Vervate MD and a client discuss photography on a laptop in relation to a focus group

Credit: Vervate


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