Four marketing wins to sparkle at Christmas

If you are the Marketing Manager of a company that does not do anything at all at Christmas, unless there’s a good reason for that, I suspect you have a very hard life!  Christmas should provide you with a mass of opportunity to collect some much needed marketing collateral.  Quick, easy and vibrant – what more could you wish for?


1. Christmas Drinks

If you take your clients to a swanky bar, or have a fuddle at your offices – get a professional photographer in to capture those candid moments and send a set to your clients the day after. A great way to show you call them and give them something to go with their hangovers!

If budget doesn’t allow, or it is a more intimate event, use your mobile to take your own images.  You can take some of people chatting, enjoying the champers, anything funny or bonkers Christmas jumpers on show.  How about some short video – you could risk going Live but do so with caution!!

Write a blog about it after, describe it as a story to make it engaging, and name check clients to make them look good.


A group of people pose for the camera with drinks in hand

Photo by Simon Dack/Vervate

Clients of Browns Restaurant


2.  Office Shenanigans

There should be plenty going on – be it Bob with his horrendous Christmas jumper, or indeed his whacky once-a-year Christmas earrings.. or Secret Santa, or charity donations or gifts from clients (always name and thanks online with a pic).  Bring people into your company, show them about you and come alive to the outside world!  Vibrancy is where it is at and visuals are a quick and easy way to show that.



Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate.  Digital Meet Up Shenanigans


3.  Staff Stories

Is there a member of staff doing anything extra this holiday time?  Are there any particular stories that are interesting or unusual?  Maybe someone is volunteering over Christmas Day in a homeless shelter, or maybe it is as simple as the problems someone had finding the right secret santa present for the boss…?  Stories WORK and taking a few pictures to illustrate them is a great way to draw people to read them.  It is also a great source of content for you.


Staff at Wyevale Garden Centre pose with christmas hats and stuffed toys

Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate.  Staff at Wyevale Garden Centre.


4.  Christmas Cards

Email boxes get crammed eh – be retro and stand out in the crowd by getting a card printed and posting them to clients.  One gorgeous picture on the front (use a pro or go to a site like Canva for help, I suggest – the good thing about a pro is you avoid that ‘oh rubbish there are two of us in the same dress’ at a party scenario when you in-advertently choose the same image as a rival for your greetings.  Get your staff dressed up and get a set taken!)  Use somewhere like Photobox to get them printed – cheap as chips, though I can’t vouch for the postal service…!


TOP TIP:  Save a few for next year

That way you have some on hand for those blogs and internal comms or invites – you will be well impressed with yourself in 12 months time!


Where to start?

Do you totally get all this but feel a bit bamboozled?

We offer a free 30 minute consultation to help you unpick it all over a coffee.  Susi is brilliant at working out with you what you need in your visual marketing – how to get it and what to do with it!  If she ever gets off Santa’s knee of course.

Book one up HERE.

Susi form Vervate sits on Santas knee

Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate
Santa’s Igloo Adventure at Churchill Square



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