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Here are some resources to help you become a visual content expert:




Photographs really are visual assets, it makes sense to understand how to use them to their full potential.

We have developed some Guidance Leaflets and Fact Sheets to help you to understand some of the principles.  If you would like to look in more depth about how to translate this information to your company and marketing requirements, we run a range and WORKSHOPS.

Please do feel free to use these in-house – contact us if you have ideas about using them further afield or in training etc. 

UK Copyright

The approach you need to take to ensure you don’t get caught out by Copyright laws.

Creative Commons


Some useful sources of information:

Orphan Works Register:

UK Copyright site

Copyright Case Studies (well worth a look!):

David Slater and his infamous monkey ‘selfie’:

Background and overview of the case in a Telegraph article

David’s website

David Slater discusses the experience in this You Tube Video

David Slater’s unseen pictures in this Telegraph article

UPDATE October 2017: 

“Monkey selfie photographer says he’s broke: ‘I’m thinking of dog walking'”


Absolute Lofts South West London v Artisan Home Improvements Limited:

An article by Eversheds

Mobile Photography

An introduction to some of the key photographic principles that should be applied when using any device to take photographs.  Marketing professionals and anyone responsible for the pr and marketing in their company can really struggle to achieve good, consistent results.  These are the basic ideas to follow.  

Editing Apps

A few apps to help you to make some simple changes to your phone pictures that really do make an enormous difference to their quality.

Optimising Your Images

A few of the things you can do with your images to hugely increase the SEO value you get from them and make sure they really work for you online.

Free Photographs

Some of the sites you can go to to ensure you don’t break copyright laws and have a good chance of finding some great images.