Updated October 2016

Using visuals in your social media is essential if you want people to enjoy your content and share it with others, check out some of these statistics: HubSpot Report.


Using visuals with care makes a lot of difference though.  According to Twitter Business, people are 3 TIMES more likely to engage with Tweets that contain videos and photos.


Ten Tips for Tweeting Images

1. Putting your photographs directly on to Twitter (as opposed to linking from Facebook for example) is significantly better and they are more likely to be retweeted. (Source)


2.  Keep them simple and to the point – too much going on in an image and people scrolling through their Twitter feed won’t be bothered to stop – nothing will catch their eye quick enough. On that note, keep it interesting – what do YOU like looking at? Think behind the scenes, fun, inspirational, educational, your products.. delight and engage people.


3. EDIT! I always edit (I’m currently using Snapseed) and then post to Twitter, however you can now upload an image, enhance, use a filter, or crop.


4.  Arguably use this sparingly but you can add GIFs directly from Twitter and also add stickers to your photos:

1465407174_2506Add stickers



5.  Work on your camera/mobile phone skills (including editing apps) and remember the golden rule is: If it isn’t a great photograph, don’t put it up.


6.  If you can link something to the photograph do, there’s nothing more irritating than a tweet grabbing your attention with a smashing picture and a few choice words, but it doesn’t tell you where to find out more.


7.  Try not to use too much stock imagery.  Some of it is brilliant – specially if you need something a bit off the wall. However, too much makes it look like you are using someone elses personality and your company is second rate. Think about sourcing your own images for staff do’s and off the cuff images, professionals for business portraits and anything you have invested lots of resources into.


8.  If you haven’t yet clicked, your image/s won’t count towards your 140 character limit anymore, which is BRILLIANT!


9.  Don’t use someone else’s picture from their social media and pretend it’s yours. It isn’t and it makes your business look unprofessional.  Just ask them or credit them, the added attention to them is most likely why they put it up in the first place.


10.  Tag location and people in your photos to really get more kick out of them. There is a very helpful guide from Twitter about that HERE.1452819043_748

Get Better at Taking Photos

Attend a Vervate workshop and leave bring able to take better photographs on your mobile, have more confidence to do so and have a way more impressive Twitter feed.


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