Creative consultation: Brighton UK Thursday 18th June 2015 - A pair of baby Herring Gulls yawning in the early morning sunshine as they take their first tentative steps on the roof tops of a house in the Queens Park area of Brighton where the parents come back each year to nest. Herring Gulls have suffered a 25% decline in Britain over the past few years but continue to thrive in urban areas Photograph taken by Simon Dack

Creative Consultation

You may need some local media attention for a new company or product. You may be struggling to find enough content for the seemingly never ending demands of social media, blogs, newsletters, company reports, your website.

It’s my experience that actually most, if not all, businesses are in that same fog somewhere.  Even companies with big marketing departments need quality, different, bespoke, regular content.  Sole traders often already have a spinning head with so much to turn their attention to.

We specialise in getting under the skin of your business to understand how we can help you to get the attention you need.  You will have access to our photographers that have won awards such as Press Photographer of the Year on numerous occasions.  There are case studies on our website that give you some examples of the way we work with clients of all shapes and sizes, and most importantly what the experience is like working with us in their own words.  However, we firmly believe that every single business is unique.  That is why we start by listening.

If you aren’t sure of the wherefores, and how the outcomes for you tally with your budget, then let’s simply hook up for a chat.  If you are in and around Brighton, all this will cost you is a cup of tea or a glass of Brighton Gin.  Other than that I am all yours over Skype for a 30-60 minute consultation chat.

Miranda Birch described this about meeting up with me just before we rebranded from Togs to Vervate:

“And if you’re not sure what you want or if, like me, you’re twitchy about having your photo taken, then just talk to Susi, founder of Brighton Togs.

She’s lovely. Have a tea with Susi and in the space of an hour she’ll help you see what you really need from your visuals. She also has an Advanced Project Management setting in her creative brain which means she’ll sort it all out for you from start to finish: the stealth photographer to capture the most important bits; the editing and clever cropping; the strategy, so your photos are seen in the places that matter, by the people your business needs.

And just for the record, I didn’t get paid to write this post. I just like their photography and thought you ought to know about it.”

I am looking forward to hearing about you and your business, how we can give you clarity and create lots of buzz for your business.

Book a Tea/Gin/Skype meeting

See you soon.


Managing Director of Vervate

Susi Doherty, Managing Director VERVATE Pictured on 27th May 2015 Credit: Vervate

Creative consultation by Susi Doherty MD of Vervate

Image infoSusi Doherty, Managing Director VERVATE
Pictured on 27th May 2015


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