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Seven years we have run our business now.  For the last four, we have supported one or two chosen charities of the year.  We support them through our expertise and our contacts, providing them with imagery, advocacy and empowerment.  We are also planning lots of partnership with other businesses to achieve our goals this year – so all in all it’s a no brainer for us.



This is part of our Business Plan for two fundamental reasons.  The first is that business can be a is a great platform upon which to support organisations and individuals that are making a real difference.  The other is that we have always strived to be a valuable part of the community.  That means the community of people locally and the business community – and of course supporting charity is also a way to promote our services.


Liz and Simon, our Senior Photographers, will provide free shoots – you will have seen a LOT of these during the recent amazing Martlets Snailspace campaign (our charity of 2018).  I will also provide any support and training in using the images and creative direction.  Our other charity last year was Refugee Support Europe, who I supported through the ‘GDPR party that never stops giving (!)’, and produced a monthly newsletter.

Susi Doherty takes a photo on her mobile at a Snailspace event


For 2019, we are very excited to be doing some new things and also supporting a different charity in Brighton:

Refugee Support Europe

Refugee Support Europe LogoWe are continuing to support this incredible charity with monthly newsletters (subscribe HERE), and will be organising a charity fundraiser for them which we’d love your support for.  Details to follow.

Pedal People

Have you seen those absolutely fantastic red bikes with passengers in front?  These cycles are being pedalled by volunteers who go on rides with elders around parks, allotments and the seafront in Hove and Brighton.  We will be providing some photo shoots to ensure they have more visual representations of the incredible difference those bikes and volunteers make to their passengers.


Captain of Pedal People, Elly Hargreaves said that,‘Pictures are vital to our charity – they tell our story like nothing else. We rely on them particularly because 75% of those we go out with on our bikes are living with dementia. This means we rely on them as memory prompts for passengers as well as a key means of evaluation for funders and supporters.’


Vervate is working in partnership with the wonderful SEA PR to offer charities a free workshop.  Last year, we conducted some research with charities into their biggest problems in using photography in their marketing and PR.  One of the results was that 85% of the charities we surveyed struggled to allocate finance to photography but 100% recognised the need for telling their own story through imagery.

This workshop has been designed specifically to help them address this.  Tracey from SEA PR will look at using imagery to help garner media coverage.  I (Susi) will be sharing top tips on taking and editing better imagery (photo and video) on mobiles.  It is impossible to keep bringing in the professionals even for businesses, and for charities it is even more tricky.  Thus this should help empower them to promote their charity more powerfully and visually.


Here are the details:





I have to say I think this world is a tad going to pot lately.  It is with even more energy then that we are very excited about this work, albeit a very small contribution.  It does all add up eh.

We also have a special Charity Rate available.  Please do contact Susi for any more information.

Is your company doing anything to support charity this year?

Who are you supporting and how – let us know and we can all support each other in our efforts. Good luck!


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