Vervate are here, helping to take the pain out of business portraits.

Ten Top Tips

  1. FEEL GOOD!  Wearing an outfit that makes you feel good is something we all know can bring out the best, happy and confident side to each of us.
  2. FIRST IMPRESSIONS.  What do you want clients and contacts to think as their immediate perception of you and the company you work for?  This is perhaps one good reason not to use holiday snaps of you in a bikini/mankini or one of you in the pub wearing dungarees with a large grin!
  3. MAXIMISE YOUR TIME.  You could have a jacket, tie, scarf – something that you can quickly take on and off that will give you lots more options for styles and looks to choose from.
  4. WOH I CAN’T TAKE IT ALL IN!  Patterns and outfits that are distracting – for example, stripes and bold patterns can be a bad move.
  5. BLACK BLOB AVOIDANCE.  Strangely enough, black can be unflattering in photographs as it does not necessarily distinguish shape.
  6. IS THAT FUNERAL DIRECTOR A BIT UPBEAT?  Think about your role/business.  Is it best to be suited and booted or casual/brand.  For example, wearing neon pink if you are a funeral director – unless of course that is your brand!
  7. FLATTER YOUR BEST BITS.  Think about what clothing flatters your shape.  On this note, a weird fact – most people look best in photos with their upper arms covered.
  8. COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL.  Think about what colours flatter you.  Colours that bring out the colour of your eyes are great also.
  9. TIDYING UP ON LOCATION. Take a comb/brush, mirror and lippie/powder for those that wear it, for last minute refreshes!
  10. AVOIDING THE BRIDGET JONES AFTER A SPORTS CAR RIDE or MARILYN MONROE SKIRT FLYING LOOK.  If you are having photographs taken outside, imagine if it’s breezy how your clothes and hair will fair.

Susi in the wind

TAKE AWAY TIP:  ENJOY IT!  The more you relax and enjoy your commission, the better you will look – your face will be smiley and not frozen into an icy grimace.

Would you like us to help take the pain out of taking your business portrait?  Give Susi (the one above, though she does also have a face) a shout.


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