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How to draw people to your sales funnell using images



Look at what you do in your marketing efforts at the moment:



How to Articles

Trade press

Paid advertising


Social Media

Printed materials



All of those and everything else in your marketing toolbox are relevant for different companies at different times and for potentially different reasons.  In order to draw people to you, to get them closer to your sales funnell,  they do all need, however, to:


Be Visually Appealling:

Look great

Stand out

Be on brand


Be Personal and transparent:

Say something about you as people

Say something about your services and products – what are your ethics and what is it like to work there


Be informative:

What is a product like?

Why is a product needed?

Do you know about the product?


Demonstrate what people already think of you:

Do customers like it/you?


Do you listen to what your customers think?



Here are some questions to spark more thinking for you:

How much do you actually consider and plan for the visuals that either compliment or are the main focus of each element?

Do you use any visuals at all?

Do they have any connection to each other if you use a lot of images?

Do the images look unique and add value to the content or do they look like after thoughts?


Using photographs can be amazingly productive for you, so long as you consider some basic principles:



Text about using photographs in marketing on a photograph

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There are a number of fantastic ways to source photographs too.

If you want to illustrate something a tad conceptual (like the one I have used to illustrate making a sales funnel look more attractive) was from Unsplash.  The image library is all free to use and there are some absolutely brilliant pictures on there.  Of course it takes time to search for the right image, and sometimes it takes time to think about what search terms to use to find it. However, I have got good at it and find it really useful.

HERE are a few other places to find free photographs.  Just as a side note – these sites say you don’t need to credit the photographer, but please do, it is good for them to spread the word about their creativity and also, they took it so it is a ‘thank you’ from you to them.  You can put a note on the photo as annotation, or a note underneath it.



Visual content is extremely powerful.  Please don’t overlook it.  Have a strategy for using it like everything else in your marketing arsenal.


Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate

Susi Doherty works with a range of companies to ensure their photography is not just fit for purpose, but constantly works for them, actively and vibrantly fuelling a constant stream of new clients and customers to them.

Ask her about how she and our fab photographers can add that value to your company.


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