“I’d rather have root canal treatment than have my photograph taken”

This was said to me recently by someone who needed a professional business portrait, but was nervous and apprehensive about sitting in front of the camera.

It sounds extreme, doesn’t it? But at dinner in a local restaurant that evening, a quick poll around the table revealed that nearly everyone would rather do something painful instead of something that’s not actually painful at all – having a professional portrait done.

Here at Vervate, we’re all human, just like you. We understand what it’s like to be out of your comfort zone. We know that some people enjoy a photo shoot but for lots of people, the thought can be a bit daunting.

Here are 5 ways we put you at your ease so that you can be yourself and we can do what we are good at: getting great professional shots.

  • We don’t thrust the camera at you straight away. We spend time getting to know you, your business and what kind of image is right for your needs. We listen to you and make suggestions.
  • There’s no catwalk and you don’t have to do any posing or pouting… unless you want to, of course (it has been known for a client to use Brighton Pier as a catwalk!).  We decide the location for your shoot together.
  • Your photographer will chat to you, keep things fun and relaxed. The more you unwind, the more your face relaxes, you smile more readily and you actually can enjoy the whole experience. Seriously!
  • If you like studio lights, we will happily point some at you.  However, that can be most people’s ‘dentist’ moment!  We like to take a more informal approach.  We can capture you walking outdoors, in conversation with someone else, in a meeting or other creative settings. You don’t have to just stare down the lens.
  • We take a fair few images and we don’t rush you.  I know, you may think you will want it all over with as soon as you can.  However, as I said earlier, you’ll be having fun!

If you’re in need of a great set of up to date professional portraits for your website, social media and marketing needs, get in touch. Let us take the pain away!

I hate having photos taken as I always hate the end result – Susi and the team are completely fantastic and make you feel so relaxed.  It is the first time ever that I have photos I love!  I have gone from hating all my photos to being proud of them – there was not one photo that they did that I did not like and could not use – it was the best money I ever spent.

It’s vital for my business that I have up to date professional photos but I was so nervous – I didn’t know what to expect – everything that Susi said it was going to be like was exactly what happened – it was a dynamic process that worked in keeping me relaxed and comfortable.

Susi really worked on getting to know me as a person – she is very approachable, friendly, professional and adaptable.  There were no surprises the whole process was transparent.

Communications Business Portrait

Business Portrait

Tara McDonnell, Southdown Introductions Ltd.

Avoided root canal treatment in May 2015.


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