In the beginning was Brighton Togs.

On a dark day in a gloomy Brighton during the November of 2011, I found myself seeking solace from my recent redundancy in the local pub.  Also clutching a pint was my wife Liz, a full time photographer at the local newspaper, Simon and his wife Jenny.  Simon had also recently had a life changing event – he had worked a the local paper for over 30 years, as the Senior Photographer, and had just gone part time.

“What on earth am I going to do now?” I mumbled, “I’ve been a teacher, I’ve travelled, I’ve managed staff, designed publications, managed shops, run marketing campaigns, and been a conference manager…what can I do with all that experience?”

“Anyone want a pint?” said Liz, having heard that at least once before, as she made a break for the bar.

Simon,  “I know what you mean”

Jenny, “Susi, why not set up a photography business?”


Jenny and Susi in the Rock Inn, Brighton

Jenny and Susi in the Rock Inn, Brighton [same pub as this story, different day!]

In actual fact, that is how our story began.  No great market research conducted or new world changing gadget invented. It was simply the realisation that bringing our talents and experience together was actually worth something.  A lot as it turns out.  But I jump to a few chapters ahead!  That was our beginning.  A lightbulb moment on a rainy day after a couple of pints.


Your Beginnings…?

Where did the company you work for or own come from, what or who was it’s inspiration?  We can help you capture it and let the world know.


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