‘VERVATE” refers to Vervate Ltd and the commissioned photographers for a ‘client’

GDPR Terminology

In terms of the EU GDPR legislation, from May 25th 2018:

All clients of Vervate’s are termed as ‘Controllers’ and have the responsibilities as such.

Vervate are termed as the ‘Processors’ and have the responsibilities as such.

All Controllers can request Vervate’s documentation around how we are meeting our GDPR requirements as processors.

This Licence is in accordance with Vervate’s Terms & Conditions & Privacy and Security Policy

VERVATE gives the client the Intellectual Property Rights to the photographs but retains a royalty-free world-wide perpetual non-exclusive assignable license.

The following conditions apply:

  • ‘Clients’ refers to clients that have commissioned VERVATE directly
  • Clients must have paid their invoice in full within the terms of VERVATE payment conditions.
  • Clients are permitted to allow any other third party the use of the photographs they commissioned.
  • Clients are allowed to send photographs to press and PR outlets for no renumeration.  Any other usage is agreed on in the Scope of Work Contract.
  • Clients do not have permission to sell on any of the photographs they commission. Any such request should be referred to VERVATE.
  • Wherever possible, clients will credit VERVATE for creation of the photographs. Clients will not claim any other ownership on the creation of them.


  • Unless otherwise agreed in writing, we may use random photographs for marketing our services.

UPDATED October 2022