It’s Driving Me Nuts

A grey squirrel eats a peanut in an image to illustrate a workshop

Recent exasperated things that have been said to me:

“Trying to find photographs to put on my blogs is driving me nuts quite frankly.”

“How on earth am I going to get time to put a photograph on each blog I write?  Actually writing the blog is hard enough.  What do you want, blood?”

“Stuff it, I’ll use Google images, they are all free.”

“Someone nicked my blog, it really annoyed me – well I know the photographs I used were someone else’s but so what, online = free doesn’t it?”  *pause* Ironic? “Oh, well yes I see what you mean…”

“I just got sued for using a photograph of a flipping seagull without asking permission on the training package I am selling.  How ridiculous.”

“I love my stock photographs, everyone looks so natural and it really matches the uniqueness of our company,” [said nobody ever].


Any of these ring true for you?A squirrel rates an orange sweet in an image to illustrate a workshop

We decided it was high time to offer some training on these issues.  After all, our company aim is to enable other companies to use as many photographs in the right way as they can.  It’s a no-brainer so far as marketing is concerned, but remains a real problem for many businesses.  The truth is that if you follow a few simple rules and understand some basic principles, it really doesn’t have to be a problem at all,  In fact, being armed with these principles can be very liberating.  Marketing with photographs doesn’t have to drive you nuts, it can be a pleasurable process.


Come along to our SOURCING IMAGES workshop and liberate yourself!


This Workshop is one of a series of three.

The other two are:



Book on a particular course or all three to receive a discount.



NB.  Please note that no squirrels were harmed in the taking of these images.


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