Live and Let Live

I know, it’s the wrong ‘live’ but good luck getting it out of your head…!

This article is all about live photos.

What are live photos?

Basically, they are mini-videos – they capture 1.5 seconds before and after the still when you click your camera button.  It is currently an iPhone feature, so this article relates to them.  However, there are a number of apps that replicate the feature for Androids, such as Phogy (click the icon for more info)

phooey app logo

How do you take live photos?

Most newer models of mobiles have the function now.  Check out your camera app.  The ring of circles at the top in the middle is the bit you want.  When you press it it turns yellow to indicate that live photo mode is on:

It stays on until you turn it off – even between using it.  You can then view it in the Photo app as usual – press on it to play it.

How do you post live photos on social media?

You can convert live photos into a Boomerang, a GIF or a video and use as you would usually post those.  OR, you can do these things:

On Facebook

Click on new post and the photo icon as usual, and pick out your live image.  Then just make sure you click the icon bottom right to make it live, otherwise it will post as a still image:

On Instagram

You can press and hold a live photo when selected to turn it into a Boomerang.

You can also upload it as a Story in the usual way – click on your avatar and swipe up to find your photo library.  Select the live photo:

Make any adjustments, add text or an emoji etc and then save as a live story:

You can convert them to gifs or movies.  I actually prefer to use an app like Lively (click on the logo on the right) or preferably Motion Stills.  Motion Stills is brilliant and very easy to use – you can keep audio (if you wish, it doesn’t always add anything) and stitch together different live photos to make a longer movie.  Here is a fun example (yes, I love prawns!):

Motion Stills

Enjoy live imaging!

If you need some professional images taking for your marketing, give us a shout. Live photos are fun and really useful for snackable content in your marketing, or maybe for client competitions, but there does come a time when you need some high quality images to show off your business.




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