You look a mess! Did you check the mirror?

So, unless you over-slept, or felt too bad about yourself to even give your reflection a squinty on-eye glance of disapproval before leaving the house, you will know what you look like before you left the house.  Generally, you won’t have left the house before you feel that you have made the most of what you have and are ready to give the best impression you can of yourself to the outside world.





I assume that most of you wouldn’t go to meet a potential buyer or new client without checking your appearance – or at the very least not turning up looking like you have gone through a hedge forwards, backwards, sideways and left on a forward roll?


Does your business look scruffy?

Are you as careful about how your business looks or does it look as if it has just fallen out of bed and isn’t quite ready for the outside world?  If you have only given it the one-eyed glance of denial – it could even look ridiculous, unkempt, lazy, unprofessional, hung-over or just scruffy.

It’s amazing that so many businesses have such amazing products or services, work incredibly hard at getting that right for their customers, but look as if they really don’t give a monkeys.

Have pride in yourself!

So most of us need to get to the gym or get a haircut or whatever, none of us are perfect.  However, it really does make a difference if we give the impression we do actually like ourselves.  People are drawn to us and trust us if we value ourselves.

Likewise, value your business.

Look at your business in the mirror.

What does it look like, is it boring and just full of text?

Does it look as if you value it?

Is it an accurate representation of you or just a lazy slightly scruffy version?

Would you be drawn to your business if you didn’t know how good it was?



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We hold up a mirror to your business.

We look at your visual presence: your website, your social media presence – all of your marketing, and give you honest feedback about how that could be improved.



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