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Liz Finlayson Photographer at Vervate


Client:  LVS, London Road, Ascot, Berkshire, SL5, 8DR, specifically LVS Ascot, LVS Hassocks, LVS Oxford and LT Charity.

VERVATE” refers to Vervate Ltd and the commissioned photographers for a ‘client’ as detailed above.


This Licence is in accordance with Vervate’s Terms & Conditions  & Privacy and Security Policy

 This Exclusive VERVATE licence enables the Client the following:

  • Full use of the photographs commissioned from VERVATE for an unlimited period of time.

The following conditions apply:

  • Client must have paid their invoice in full within the terms of VERVATE payment conditions.
  • Where a Gallery has been provided, the Client is permitted to allow all members of the school community access to the photographs for private download and use (no selling on of any images is permitted).
  • Client is allowed to send photographs to press and PR outlets for no renumeration.  Any other usage is agreed on the Confirmation Form (‘The Brief’).
  • Client does not have permission to sell on any of the photographs they commission. Any such request should be referred to VERVATE.
  • Wherever possible, Client and their third parties will credit VERVATE for creation of the photographs. Clientwill not claim any other ownership on the creation of them.


  • VERVATE retain ownership of the photographs
  • VERVATE will only use photographs for their own marketing that have previously been used by the Client.
  • VERVATE will not sell on photographs to third parties unless agreed with the Client.


UPDATED:  18th June 2021