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Spotlight on Tog Hannah Brackenbury

Vervate works with a team of photographers – all of whom have proven track records as professional photographers, have a wonderful way with people, and have also all cut their teeth in the media.  The other thing that sets them apart from so many other photographers is their innate creativity.


One photographer that works often with us is Hannah Brackenbury,  Hannah also runs Love Gets Brighton Together, specialising in LGBT civil partnerships and weddings.  Hannah also (!) is a very successful comedian.  Now that is one creative person!  This is what she says about being a photographer and a comedian:

“I’ve always been a creative person and am lucky to have had lots of different outlets for that. I’ve played piano since the age of five and grew up surrounded by music and comedy so it was a natural progression I suppose!

Being on stage is my chance to show off because in my day job as a photographer I tend to be hidden behind the camera, putting all my effort into making the person in front of me shine or getting them to perform in a certain way in order to get the image I want, rather than being in the spotlight myself.

I have to say though that being a photographer can be like a performance sometimes! You have to act in a certain way and say the right things in order to make your subject feel at ease!

I’m very lucky to be able to make a living from my creative passions.”


All that incredible hard work, determination, creativity and ability to make us all laugh, it’s no surprise that Hannah is currently a finalist in The Musical Comedy Awards 2016.  We are really proud of her and wish her all the luck in the world.




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