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How to set your marketing on fire

Do any of these sound like you?

Your marketing is consistent but is not reaping many rewards

You publish blogs but run out of time to find any photographs to put in them

You think filtering Usage Rights in Google Images means you can use any of the pictures it finds for you

You or your staff do not have time to spend hours and hours looking for images

You want to put more on social media but it is so constant you don’t do as much as you would like

No-one engages with you on social media

You know your phone has a camera but taking photos just isn’t your thing

What do I know?

Well, 5 years ago I set up this business (previously called Brighton Togs) with who I think is one of the best photography teams around.  They have won numerous press awards, so in fairness it isn’t just me that thinks so – and they continue to garner amazing feedback from our clients.  They worked full time in the media photographing everything from roads that needed re-tarmacing (glam) to famous people to events to breaking news stories…. They have unrivalled experience.  Here’s one of said award-winners in the paper:

Liz Finlayson, Vervate photographer, wins an award for EDF Photojournalist of the year. From an article in the Argus.

Liz Finlayson, Vervate photographer, wins an award for EDF Photojournalist of the year – from a feature in the Argus.

Five years ago, I knew about marketing and learnt about running a business, but taking photographs was not easy for me.  As a creative person, that drove me nuts – I just don’t have the ‘eye.’  So, they took me under their award winning wings and taught me the basics.  I am a slow learner I have to say, but after about a hundred, “Susi, the light, where is the light…?” – I got it!  I am not more ever will be given a prize for my photographs (not a good one anyway), but I have improved enormously.  Just the few basic tips make so much difference.  I do have access to our professional images of course, but now I supplement those with my own.  I take photographs at events I am at, of clients (I do not, contrary to popular opinion, have a professional photographer in my bag at all times), of interesting stuff that I can blog about, of the guys at work….

I have increased my Instagram following by 75% in 3 months, I have a private Flickr gallery that I upload to as soon as I have edited a new picture on my phone, so it is constantly being replenished.  I have seen a fresh surge in Twitter followers because I try to upload a photo 80% of the time I tweet.  It’s been smashing.


I would love to share the inside info!

Photo by Liz Finlayson/Vervate - Susi Doherty speaking at a Chamber event

Liz Finlayson/Vervate
Susi Doherty speaking at a Brighton & Hove Chamber event

You really don’t need a professional photographer all the time.  You need way more visual content far too often for that, and besides which, taking photographs is great fun.  Just having some basic principles, knowledge about uploading to social media and simple copyright information can literally revolutionise your experience of visual marketing.  It really is possible to have a continuous, vibrant, on-brand, unique presence that new and current clients want to engage with.

Join in, have some fun, create a revolution in your business.

I could also mention at this point that in a previous life I have been a trainer, teacher as well as running conferences and workshops, so you will be in safe hands.

There are always different ways to access this revolution!  We run workshops both for individuals and more bespoke versions for a company.

The best thing is to drop me an email, or give me a call – tell me what you are struggling with and I can say if we can help.

Look forward to welcoming you to the revolution!

Susi, Creative Director at VERVATE

“This course came at exactly the right time for me when I was re-doing the Joy of Business website and trying to make it much more visually interesting. I learnt loads about how to find and use photos on the website, and about how to get those photos to get me attention on social media.  I think Susi has created a revolution in my business looking a whole lot better.”  Julia Chanteray: The Joy of Business

Julia Chanteray, owner of The Joy of Business, sits outside her office smiling in Hove

Julia Chanteray from The Joy of Business
Simon Dack/Vervate

“What a fantastic course – as the Marketing Manager for a professional services company I was unsure of how the course would work for me but I came away with a number of clear action points – I have always been aware that visuals are highly important, but I have learnt a great deal from this course and understood how to implement some simple strategies into my everyday routine that should be a powerful impact – I would highly recommend this course as it has stopped me from making some silly mistakes”  Vicky King: Plus Accounting

Vicky King Marketing Manager at Plus Accounting smiles to camera

Vicky King Marketing Manager at Plus Accounting
Simon Dack / Vervate


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