Susi Doherty on Radio Reverb

I was asked recently to be interviewed by Laura Evans on Radio Reverb.  I am a confident type of person, and have had photographer’s speaking about me and the company (most recently Simon Dack was talking to Danny Pike on Radio Sussex.  Simon talked about his amazing career, but to top it all, he said how lovely I am which was clearly the best bit).  However, I can’t tell you how nervous I was before going to the studio.  I know Laura and she is absolutely lovely.  Radio Reverb is brilliant, do give it a try if you are able, but I assume it isn’t like going to Radio 1 (4 actually these days for me).  No matter, I was petrified.

Most, if not all of us, are petrified about something in our business and/or job roles, but know we need to push ourselves to keep being successful and grow the company and have successful careers.Laura Evans talks to Susi Doherty from Vervate on Radio Reverb's Business Show

Truth be told, I absolutely loved it.  Of course, this had a lot to do with the warm welcome and professionalism of Laura.







Susi Doherty on Radio Reverb speaking to Laura EvansI quickly felt at ease as Laura asked me questions about the company’s recent rebrand.









Susi Doherty on Radio Reverb

Susi Doherty on Radio Reverb

I also think that the decision I made to just concentrate on being me and not worry about saying the ‘wrong thing’, helped enormously.  Being confident with the services Vervate offers, the value I bring and the story I have to tell, is what keeps things moving forward anyway.





Here is a link to the Business Show, I am on at just after 43:10.  Enjoy..!  Have you been on the radio to talk about your business, the company or sector you work in?  How did you get on?

Anxious about the fact that you know you need visuals but you aren’t sure exactly what or how to get to what you need?  Give me a shout and I will put you at ease as much as Laura put me at mine.





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