Media Coverage

Newspapers and magazines still remain an incredibly powerful tool for businesses.  We all really like the idea and kudos of getting seen in the right publications (on or offline).

If there is a good story about you and your business, and If you place a well written press release that contains quality press photographs about it in front of the right person at the right time, it is highly likely to get used.  That is amazing ROI.  For example:

A feature on Tara McDonnell with a Vervate photograph in the Argus newspaper.

Tara at Southdowns Introductions actually approached me to talk about photographs for her new business.  After a conversation, it became evident that Tara had an amazing story that the press would enjoy.  We therefore worked with her to get her story heard.  So what was Tara’s return on investment?

Cost through our package*:  £500 +VAT

For the coverage Tara received in The Argus, The Leader and Kent & Sussex Courier (on and offline), the cost for placing an advertorial would be approximately £3,000 + VAT.

For the coverage she got on BBC Radio Sussex & Surrey – you can’t buy advertising, so basically priceless!

The audience she reached was approximately 420,000 people across her target region.

*PS.  Tara has made great use of the images and press release since the shoot, and gone on to secure coverage in Woman magazine.  Remember too that adverts are way less likely to hold the same kudos as getting media attention for the value of your story.

How can we help you?


Press Photographers

Our photographers have had full time award-winning careers as photojournalists in news rooms.

First-hand Experience

We understand how to get coverage, the nuances of getting the right message and set of photographs together. We often support PR companies in ensuring they get their stories seen.

Media Contacts:

We know a lot of people!  Our media contacts are excellent to support you in getting seen in the press – from journalists to picture and news editors to agencies.



How it works


Meet your Journalist

All packages receive a one hour consultation with Susi (Creative Director at Vervate) and a journalist that we feel is the right person to develop your story.  Different journalists have different styles and expertise, and with the range of people we know, we can ensure you work with the right one.  During that meeting, we will ask you lots of questions about the story you had in mind, and the business message/s you are wanting to publicise.

Communications Plan

Following our meeting, we put together a Communications Plan, which outlines all of that information and explains how we suggest is the best way forward.  We will also tell you if we think the story isn’t strong enough to get press coverage and offer advice to help you proceed.

Press Release

Your journalist will draft a press release accordingly for you to sign off.  That means they consider an appropriate ‘hook’ and tantalising headline as much as write up your story in a way that the media love.  Sometimes there is more than one story that comes out of that consultation, in which case you have the option to request more than one press release.


You will receive a set of photographs that illustrate the story and press release, these are all ‘optimised’ for media-use which basically means they drastically increase your chances of getting published.

Pitching to the Media

We can advise you of how to do this for yourself and who to.  We can also take that on board for you, the choice is yours.


It doesn’t need to cost as much as you may think – and of course always consider the return on investment factor.  To give you an idea:

Example 1

Meeting with Vervate and your Journalist

Receive a Communications Plan

One press release and accompanying photographs

£400 +VAT

Example 2

Meeting with Vervate and your Journalist

Receive a Communications Plan

One press release and accompanying photographs

Pitching to relevant media outlets

£500 +VAT

Some clients prefer to go for the first package initially.  If there isn’t enough of a story in our opinion, or if you decide to just leave it there – you can do.  If, like most clients, you want to go for it, the cost of the first package is included in the second – so you won’t be paying twice!

If there are extras that may come up during our conversation, such as the possibility of two stories – we will discuss that with you.  An additional press release is £100 for example.