Susi Doherty Managing Director of VERVATE interviewed by Miranda Birch from Miranda Birch Media

Susi Doherty MD of Vervate will make sure your photos are seen by the people you need. She draws on a varied career. It includes marketing, event and project management, training and teaching. It spans many sectors but there is a common theme – people:

Susi Doherty MD of Vervate

Susi Doherty MD of Vervate

“I love people. I think they’re brilliant. They all have their own experience and expertise, but often they don’t realise how brilliant that is”

Susi spots the significance of what you don’t see. The knowledge you overlook because you’re busy. The skills you take for granted because you’ve used them for years. That’s why she loves photography. Vivid images communicate what’s special about you and your work in an effortlessly powerful way.

“In a business context, a good photo shows people what you’ve achieved. You can be proud of yourself. I like to see people proud of themselves because we can all be a little bit reticent, can’t we?”


Not sure what you want to capture or how to showcase it?

Susi’s marketing and project management skills will help. You’ll soon understand how to make the most of your photographs – whether it’s on your website, at an event or in a print marketing campaign:

“It’s about me untangling what my clients need. We can start with a big fluffy problem and I’ll drill down and down. We’ll discover what it really means and what I need to do to make things happen. I love making things happen – because there are a 101 things you can do with your photos. People don’t realise they’re missing out!”

Have a chat with Susi. In the space of an hour you’ll have a clear idea of how photos can position your organisation in a crowded marketplace and win you new support. Feel a bit twitchy in front of the lens? Be prepared for a nice surprise!

“People often hate having their photos taken. So sometimes we’re helping people move on from that. We’ve always found that people always enjoy the process, no matter what state they arrive in!

I really want people to look good, feel good and move forward. And that’s what our photography helps our clients to do.”


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