Mood Boards: Not just for designers

Getting & Sharing Inspiration


Having a new website and need new imagery that really reflects your business?

Having new staff portraits done and are fed up of the old boring style you have at the moment?

There is a world of inspiration out there and Mood or Inspiration Boards are an easy, fun, creative way to discover ideas and share them with your team and with your photographers.

One of the first things I do with clients, particularly new ones, in order to define a style and really drill down into the images that will work for them, is to set up a Mood Board so that we can share ideas and comments.  This provides the opportunity to gain new ideas, consolidate and articulate verbal ideas and be really clear about what kind of images will work best.

Here are 3 online, easy ways to do that – you can start by having something set up for your team so that when you go to a photographer you have already started this process.

pinterest logo





This is perhaps the most familiar as so many of us use it for personal and other kinds of business use.  For that reason it is a good option as people are often familiar with it already.

We use this by creating a private board and sharing it with clients.  They can then share it with other team members or managers for sign off and comment:


screenshot of a private pinterest board being created


Please note that at time of writing this blog, no company called Hoompywumpy exists that I can see, though please feel free to help yourself if you are stuck for a new business name…

From there, you can surf the internet using terms you come up with and look for images that you have a reaction to.  Terrible ones can be useful too, just pop why you think they are not for you in the description box:

The browser button is another great part of Pinterest – HERE is info on how to get that sorted.







Go Moodboard is a clear, free, very easy alternative created by a collective of freelancers.

There is no need to sign up or register, just click on blank moodboard or start with one of their templates and go from there.  All of the boards are private by default, so you literally just send a link to your board to whoever you want to participate in it.






Some really gorgeous ability with this app, and you can stick with free (up to 5 boards at the moment) or pay $9-$45 pm for extra boards and whistles.

This kind of mood board is getting deeper into the world of design and enables video upload, caption, text and links to Dropbox – so really this is brilliant if you are considering a full on rebrand:

Please note that Womple Bomple Accountants also does not – so far as I can see – currently exist.  I realise accountants can have odd names but wouldn’t suggest this would be a great one.  Nick it if you feel too obvs – and good luck.

The other great things about Niice is that it also has a browser extension (which I think is easier to use than Pinterest):

I suggest keeping it simple.  There is no need to go full bells and whistles and paid accounts unless you are really going for a full rebrand – and then your designers should guide you.  These platforms are brilliant in their simplicity and really invaluable in getting enough inspiration to really know what you want to achieve.

We are very much there to help with that and of course our own vast library of images and experience is also there to help with inspiration.


Is your creativity blocked, does it need way too much caffeine to fire up?  Don’t get moody, get a mood board. I can help get you started and of course we will deliver fresh new images straight to your inbox door.


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