Vervate Photographers on the Job

These last 2 days have been hectic and varied, which is marvellous.  I love hearing what the photographer’s experiences on jobs is and recently I haven’t been disappointed!  I received the photos of Hannah (top left) and Sam (bottom left) both looking happy – despite the fact they were on big corporate day long jobs in central London.  As opposed to Simon, who sent me the image on the right.  He had a lovely job in the countryside with the National Lottery.  You can tell from the image how completely soaked in champagne spray he got.  Apparently this took place 5 times and Simon couldn’t get up as he had to make sure he got the windmill in the background.  He had to have a bath and wash his lenses when he got in, haha!!!

Vervate photographers on the job

Just out of interest, Hannah (top left) was working with Nat West at the City Giving Day in London, Sam (bottom left) was working with Wates Construction in London at their Staff Briefings and Simon (right) was at a Lottery winners press call at Windmill Hill.

Do you need your own one of Vervate photographers on a job for you?  Do you have champagne to spray over Simon?  If so please get in touch, discounted rates apply.


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