Photographs: powerful, easy ways to generate buzz

Four key things to think about in relation to using photographs in your marketing:


1.  Use your mobile!

Yes that may seem an odd thing to put at the Number 1 slot given that we are Iphone_4G-3_black_screenprofessional photographers!  However, investment for professionals should be targeted at the most relevant parts of your business (i.e. where you have the most investment already – staff, new products, events, launches…).  Social media, blogs, websites, they all make the need for visual content a very hungry beast!  You can post to Twitter straight from you device (don’t forget to take time with the hashtag and linking in relevant people though).  I wrote a blog about that earlier: Tweeting your photographs For staff fuddle’s and what’s happening in the office, snapping and posting is a great way to keep the content flowing.  You may want to keep an eye on that at some staff do’s that’s all!




2.  Love your staff!


Churchill Square

Mark Buchanan Smith: Churchill Square Director, Brighton (Photo by Skye Brackpool/Vervate)


In relation to investing, your staff are your most precious asset.  Does your online presence reflect that?  Do you all look as if you are on holidays in different parts of the world as opposed to working hard as a team for your clients?  There are dozens of ways to reflect your brand in your staff portraits and a good set will always bring your whole online presence to life.  Here are a few examples of our client’s portraits: Staff Portraits Portfolio and a lovely recent example with Plus Accounting.


3.  Press coverage!

VERVATE launch announcement

Keep a selection of photographs of key, usually senior, people in the company that you can use to attach to press releases. Never underestimate the potential power of a good story you have.  Send that to local or trade media with a press-ready photograph and you could find yourself with some amazing free coverage.  Vervate Top Tip:  unless you pay for an advert, it’s up to the media how they print this kind of editorial content.  If in doubt, ask us or use a PR company.  However, don’t let that put you off, media outlets crave content as much as we all crave publicity!


4.  When you hold an event.

If you have an event, aim for different types of photographs:

  • The hashtag/instagram ‘post from your mobile’ approach for guests and staff
  • A set of photograph where the photographer has requested the names of those in the image – useful for press releases, sending to the guest after the event, tagging them on social media etc.
  • A set of candid pictures that show the feel and atmosphere of your event.  You can get some real gems for marketing purposes like this.
Credit: Vervate Browns Bar and Brasserie in Brighton celebrates its 40th Anniversary

Browns Bar and Brasserie in Brighton celebrates its 40th Anniversary (Photo by Simon Dack/Vervate)


These are just a few of the ways you can use photographs to leverage your marketing.  If you want some help creating this kind of buzz for your company, give us a shout.


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