Plus Accounting – Case study


Plus Accounting wanted to produce client testimonial marketing material primarily for their website.  They approached us for ideas and input into illustrating the relationship they had with some key clients.


We compiled a Brief in conjunction with the company’s web designer and suggested an approach for the creative process as well as identifying key storytelling images.

A professional photographer was fully briefed and went to Plus Accounting’s key client’s with the respective Accounting Partner.  They used their own professional eye and the Brief to deliver a creative set of images per client.

The images were then fully captioned, post edited, and delivered to Plus within a tight deadline.


A set of images that add a great deal of value to a more traditional ‘Testimonial’ approach.  The images are used around the website and in the scrolling banner at the top of the home page.  VERVATE were also recently asked to undertake the individual staff portraits, in order to unify the look of the website.


“Very easy as Susi is experienced working with professional businesses  – she understood styling.  She caught people in natural poses that did not look staged – the vibe came across in the image.  It is quite hard to get people to feel relaxed but they are really good at it – they put you at ease and make you feel comfortable and you can trust them to just get on with it.

I am completely confident in their ability to get exactly what you want.  They work hard to understand what you want and then get on with it.

They are different from other companies I have worked with as they are open to listen to suggestions, they do not tell you what they want, they find out what you want and they have loads of creative ideas that work!”