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Reclaiming quotes on pictures

Do you love an inspirational quote?

Would you rather eat your own eyeballs than read an inspirational quote?


If that is you, please don’t not do them and thus throw the inspirational baby out of the motivational bath water.  Words on pictures can be used for any number of things:

Introduce staff members

Put interesting facts and figures on them

Put on testimonials form clients or customers

Write on salutations like Happy Bank Holiday week


And so on….


Top Tips

Keep text short, sweet and to the point

Make sure the image matches the essence of what you are saying

Use hashtags and copy in people as relevant

Make sure you can actually read the words – putting a slightly transparent shaded box behind text is a great and easy way to ensure that it can be read clearly


A few apps to help:



Free online app, deliciously easy to use and really great results.  There are free images to choose from (BEWARE not to use anything to naff or twee), lots of fonts and templates and the ‘shaded box’ is easy too:


This is a fairly straight forward app where the developers are adding new tutorial videos all the time so useful stuff.  If you have nothing to say then there is a quote generator based on topics – potentially useful but I do suggest you use that with caution as that naffometer can go off very quickly.  There are free elements such as images available via Envato, plus paid for options.



More akin to Canva, this is an app with a wide range of features that goes beyond just text on pictures.  It has a graphic editor, image library etc plus paid options for organising your designs into folders, collaborating and connecting to social media direct.


Here is the promo video for Snappa:


If you are a Buffer user, this is really a must have for you.  If you don’t, it is still a really simple way of getting your quotes onto images:

Here’s one I did earlier using Canva that I use as a header in my CRM system for requesting testimonials from clients:

susi from vervate smiles to camera

We can provide these for you if you frankly have other things to do but can see the potential for them in your business marketing.  Just let us know what you need them for and we’ll go from there.




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