A steady stream of quality photographs is a powerful asset in your visual marketing.

Lack of attention to your visual marketing can be detrimental to your business.


These practical workshops are small group or in-house and designed to give you the knowledge you need to ensure your marketing stand out for all the right reasons.


These free to download resources are designed to top up your knowledge where & when you need it.


Our regular clients use this service to help their marketing budget across the year.  New staff? Events? New story? You will already have it covered.


Decades of press and media experience made available for you to tap into. We want to get your story out there.

Coffin Mew staff portraits at their Lakeside offices in Portsmouth, Hampshire. Pictured is the Client Area. Photograph by Sam Stephenson / VERVATE. Contact: Susi Doherty, VERVATE Managing Director on, 0797 3677 017 / 01273 275162.

Image a day Vervate marketing, contact Vervate for more information. Contact: Susi Doherty, Managing Director on, 0797 3677 017 / 01273 275162 www.vervate.com

People we work with

We happily recommend these company’s and have experience of working with them, so you know you will get a joined up, easy service.


MIRANDA BIRCH MEDIA:  Stories that change attitudes and reach new audiences

With Gresham Blake being interviewed by Miranda Birch. Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce Spotlight Supper at Silo Restaurant, Brighton. Picture by VERVATE

In a career that spans the BBC and work with businesses in every sector, Miranda has interviewed more than a thousand people! She uses her journalistic skills to help companies to pinpoint what’s special about what they do and why their clients can’t afford to live without them. It’s only when they’re interviewed that they realise just how good they are and how best to communicate their value to their clients.  mirandabirchmedia.co.uk

We are editorial storytelling photographers.  Miranda wrote a blog that explains this way better than I ever could: Blog about Photographers


CLIVE ANDREWS: Social Media Strategy and Training

clive2-1From Clive’s website

Digital strategy – Working out what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and how digital tools can help you get there.

Social content – Content that actually serves and fulfils objectives – (not just silly fluff that chases ‘Likes’ and ‘Shares’…). New ideas, clever ideas, and working with you to create content that expresses who you are and what you have to say.

Whether you’re taking your first steps with social media, or you need to introduce a more sophisticated approach, talk to Clive about helping you make sense of it all.