Marketing and Communication Professionals:  Save your sanity!

If you run a business or work in marketing and communications, you know that there is an enormous and sometimes seemingly insatiable need for imagery to keep your marketing powered up.

Professional photographers are often left as an after-thought.  Before I even started our company, working as both a project and event manager, I realised that good imagery was key to success.  If you have put a lot of resource into a new service, staff member, event – whatever it is that you value highly and want clients to appreciate likewise – it  needs treating with respect and showing off!

The huge appetite of digital marketing really does mean though that you absolutely do not need professionals all the time.  It would wipe out your budget for a start!  The trick is to know when you do need one and all the number of times you can do it yourself.

As a marketing professional, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the need to find the right kind of photographs.  Where do you find them?  You may well enjoy taking some yourself – but why do they never come out as you hope and imagine?!  You may think you are clued up about copyright (or disagree with it so ignore it).


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You may also have so many photos on your desktop you don’t know what to do with them and can never find what you want!  I HATE that!

That is what these workshops are all about.  They are to enable you to get over these problems.  Some simple techniques and tips can honestly make all the difference to your marketing as much as your sanity!

Have a flip through the Workshop Brochure and see for yourself how they can benefit you.  Get more clients, impress the boss, have some fun with your mobile.


More information in the brochure or see our dedicate web page.

Workshops · Vervate Ltd

Hands-On: These workshops have been designed specifically to provide you with the practical skills and knowledge to put learning into practice straight away. All sessions are capped at 6 people so you will have space to participate and understand how to implement what you have learned.


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