Showcasing You: Maison Mason

Howie, key office staff member, at work in the Maison Mason offices in Crystal Palace.  Image by Liz Finlayson/Vervate.

The Maison Mason is a new estate agent in Crystal Palace South East London. They are an experienced team that have a refreshing attitude to their clients and their local community.   When they first got in touch they had a logo and had commissioned a website build.

We were bought on board to:
Create an album of images of the local area and of The Maison Mason team. The images to tell the story of a team integrated in and integral to the local community

Develop a tone of voice that reflects the teams’ experience, local area knowledge and extrovert personalities. This team really aren’t your ‘usual estate agents’.  Using the ‘tone of voice’ we created the website text.  Images and content supplied to the web builder-         

Create a portfolio of assets to be used by The Maison Mason team when creating their social media posts. The assets have all been supplied on the free graphic design platform Canva. The client uses the assets to produce a range of posts including ‘for sale’, ‘sold’ and ‘to let’ as well as reviews, local information posts and content pointers.

Ensure that each page of the website is optimised for key search terms within the platforms’ restrictions, set up Google Analytics, Search Console and Google my Business.

We used our proven VAST approach to provide Maison Mason with the assets and technical support to ensure that from launch they had:


Vibrant, unique photography assets that are on brand, storytelling and technically correct for a range of uses. 


Well structured, optimised website content that drew out the personality of the team and their brand in this people focused business.


Easily identifiable social media accounts set up across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google My Business and a supply of assets to ensure a consistent brand look and feel across all channels.


An optimised website within the parameters allowed by the platform. Integration of Google Analytics and Search Console to allowing on-going monitoring by the client.

Case Study above produced by Jo at Frank!

Photography: Vervate
Design: Rhinobytes
Words and management: Frank!
Technical: Build14me

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