Snapping on holiday?

Capturing in pictures those long-waited for days of great scenery, family, friends, amazing sites or simply just restful moments is something 99.9% of us want to do – and many if not most of us with do that with our mobiles. Have a look through these tips for taking better photographs on your mobiles HERE.

There are other things too that you can do that will really bring your images to life and keep those memories lingering longer – here are a few:

The Journey

Hate it or love it, travelling anywhere is an amazing thing to be able to do.  These days your mobile’s GPS (and some cameras) will tag your location if you have put it on.  I really enjoy this aspect from an aeroplane – here’s a quick picture I snapped when we we travelling over the Alps recently:

Ariel shot from an aeroplane of The Alps


And here is the map (I accessed this one by clicking on the location that appears when I uploaded it to iPhoto on my return) that shows where I was when I took it – how AMAZING is that!

Screenshot of GPS co-ordinates to go with holiday photos


A Little Thought

It is an easy thing as we relax to just pick up our mobiles and click at something.  Each image is disposable too and doesn’t cost us anything – unlike the days of film (not that I remember of course – ahem) – when a finger in front of the lens cost us 1 of the 24 pictures on the film roll and a disappointed face when the photos came back from Prontoprint.  Here’s what can happen if you don’t think about it:

Holiday Pictures-2


..and here is a picture I thought more about.  It was taken at Pompeii – right at the edge of the excavation.  There were poppies and corn swaying in the wind over the unexcavated ruins:

Holiday Pictures-3

Think about what it is you want to say in the photograph.  Don’t play your experience down by not trying to get in the moment – what is it you want to remember?  A feeling?  Remember that there is a reason you are inspired to take a photo of something or someone – why?  Get that in the photo and you will remember it far more intensely. That photo above makes me feel the warm breeze, peacefulness and melancholy for the once beautiful city that I felt when I was there.



Don’t follow the pack!  All the other tourists were taking photos of these stunning statues at Pompeii straight on.  Boof, here’s a statue.  Next…?

The artist had created the most amazing statues – they were awe inspiring because of their size and the way they loomed down over the ruins.  That’s why in these images I went for the ‘up’ angle – you get a sense of their size:

Holiday Pictures-4

Holiday Pictures-5


The Incidentals

So many of us just take selfies or posed shots.  Boring!  Try to get more sneaky and capture the wistful smile on your partners face as they look at a view, something funny happening or even a sign or close up of the sea (unless you are in England in which case that tends to give you a brown blob!). 


Take time to edit a copy of your favourite photographs with an app – there are so many to choose from but they do make a huge amount of difference.


Don’t over-do the photos. Getting a sense or feel for where you are will lead to better photos anyway.

Don't over-do the photos. Getting a sense or feel for where you are will lead to better photos anyway. Click To Tweet

At Vervate, we seek to work with all our clients to enable them to build their own visual portfolio.  Have a chat with Susi, our Creative Director (and me as it happens!!) to see how we help you have your own bank of quality images.


All images by Susi Doherty on her trusty iPhone.


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