A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Did you see the pictures that went viral recently of a guy on holiday without his family – and then with?

Portfolio Portraits

Portfolio Portraits

By Widgetdude

Brilliant! But ok so that is simplistic. It was his expression doing most of the talking. Lots of other aspects to an image whisper their own messages – and of course what they can be subjective. However, a key part of getting a professional photographer in, is all about making sure you tell the right messages in your images. The story the photographs tell should be the storyline to your business.

There are so many things to consider, including:


Where would be a good place to give the photo context?

What people are wearing: 

Is yours a formal company, or does it
have a more relaxed approach?

To quirk or not to quirk:

Many companies we work with recently want to be ‘different’ and there are lots of great ideas for that. Beware though of fads or being off brand and scaring your customers!

Where to look?

Looking at the camera can portray confidence and a friendly approach.

How to relax!

Everyone needs to feel relaxed, you’ll look better, both facially and posture and expression. That also means you will more than likely enjoy the whole experience as much as the result.

Portfolio Portraits

Susi Doherty Creative Director, Vervate


You can see some of the photographs we have taken over the past couple of years in a Flickr album by clicking on this portrait of me – [oo, sunglasses – was I in the lift on holiday, did I forget to take them off…?]:

Its great for inspiration, and remember businesses and their customers are all unique – what works for one won’t work for another.

Tell your story, let new and old clients see the face behind the fantastic work and services you provide.

Fancy a chat about your own story? We’ll listen, we love a good story.


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