Wrestling to find a story?

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wrestling to find a story and the power of storytelling photographs


This is a story about the need to look and think out of the box to find your story.


The Mona Lisa painting Credit: Unsplash/Eric Terrade

Finding a story to promote your business can feel like staring at a blank canvas with a small felt tip pen.

You have in mind the Mona Lisa of stories but can’t even think of a subject for your story let alone start to describe it.

So… what’s our story about here then?

Well, we work at a school in Ascot – LVS Ascot.  We love working with them and it is such a vibrant place it is a real joy to be part of.

One of the teachers – the Senior Master of the Junior School to be precise – Mr Dennis, is a part time professional wrestler.  In aid of Sports Relief this year the school hosted a charity wrestling match featuring the amazing Mr Dennis.  You can only imagine the plethora of emotions that went across the children’s faces – the event was a fantastic success and the hall was full of energetic shouting and a good amount of fund raising!


Please credit Liz Finlayson/Vervate LVS Ascot Wrestling for Relief 2016 17th March 2016 Senior master at LVS Ascot Junior school Eddie Dennis v Pete Dunne wrestling match for Sports Relief 2016 - Eddie Dennis throws Pete Dunne


Ok so in really you would expect that to be a good enough story as it is, eh.

Meanwhile, eagle-eyed photographer Liz, who to be honest was running around the hall like a mad woman herself (and the light was dreadful in there too apparently), spotted something else.  An elderly gentleman was sitting at the edge of the ring clutching a Wrestling Brochure from the 1970s.  On the front of it was a very handsome, muscly man.  Liz asked him if that was him and turns out it was.  She arranged a few photographs accordingly:

wrestling to find a story and the power of storytelling photographs

wrestling to find a story and the power of storytelling photographs

LVS Ascot wrote a great blog about the story.  So you see it pays to think laterally, keep an eye out for aspects to what you do or events you put on or clients you work with, that have a human touch.

This also demonstrates how you can get more than one story from what you think is the main event.  I could also be writing here about ‘confidence to ask people for their stories’, ‘experience as a photojournalist really pays off for us’, ‘building relationships with clients’ ETC!


If you really struggle with working out stories that work for your business, we recommend chatting to MIRANDA BIRCH.  It’s amazing how many stories you are sitting on already – sometimes you need someone to help you see them, and the power they can have for your business.

Did I also mention or infer how brilliant we are with storytelling images too? Oh, well – we are.  And we are here to help you.


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