Susi Doherty

Creative Director and Partner

Susi started Vervate in 2011.  Originally founded as Brighton Togs (Togs is the media industry term for a photographer), the company has grown steadily over the years to become Vervate in June 2015.  Susi has had one of those careers that made no sense at the time but all of the experiences now come to the fore.  She is a trained teacher, has travelled extensively, and previous roles include Conference Manager at a Hotel, Assistant Record Shop Manager (when tapes were still around, ahem..!) and Children’s Services Manager.  East Sussex County Council finally made her redundant in 2011 which proved to be the best thing that could happen in her career as Susi absolutely adores running a successful business.  Her previous roles included PR, marketing and project management including the commissioning of photographers and running of campaigns.

Susi is very much a people person and is married to Liz (Senior Photographer, Vervate).






Susi Vervate on Brighton seafront


Susi can be contacted on:

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Mobile: 0797 3677 017