The Jump Shots


A girl is excited to open her exam results

Today (18th August 2016) is the annual A-Level results day.

It’s an anxious time for students, families and educations establishments who have worked so hard to get the results they need.  It’s a big thing for the marketing department in a school too, as they need to get some good coverage about how well its pupils have done and what their results are opening up for them.

We work with a number of schools and colleges both today and next week for the GCSE results.  Every year and each school is different.  We try hard to capture some great storytelling images that they can use in their marketing and to put in the press.

You can see photographer Liz’s head in the video below taken at LVS Ascot.  She is looking at the back of her camera to make sure the pictures of the ‘confetti jump’ look good.  They did of course, you can see them here with a few others LVS put on their Facebook page.



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