They let me out for the day

When I say ‘they’ – as I run the business, I mean I let myself out really.  I nearly told myself I wasn’t allowed but then I threw a sickie and went anyway.

Do you have clients that you have never met?

Obviously some of you will, for instance online shoppers don’t often pop in to the office.  However, I know that many of you have the same experience as me.  You feel as if you know your client and have a great relationship of trust as well as very often really enjoying working with them?



Clare from Bonce PR was one such client for me.  We’ve had a laugh, I’ve occasionally cocked up and we’ve had some fantastic commissions together.  All that you would expect from a 4 year relationship. Well, when I say together…..  The photographer’s are the people that have been working with her over the years in person (their job would be a bit tough working from the office!).

Clare emailed me on the Sunday about a job in Peterborough that was scheduled for the Tuesday.  This is normal (for us!).  One of Clare’s main clients is Camelot, so we go along to many a Lottery Winner’s press call and take the official photographs for Camelot.  You can’t plan those commissions.

I booked up the photographer – Liz – and told her it was a 10am start in Peterborough.  That went as well as it usually does ha ha (well its a horrible 3.5 hour journey in rush hour both ways, so fair play).  Being an amazing boss (she’s a co-partner actually but don’t tell her) it crossed my mind that this would be a fantastic opportunity to meet Clare myself.  So we both hot footed it up the glorious M23.

Here’s the journey, by the way – yes I nearly told her to take me straight back home….!

Despite that, it was absolutely fab to finally meet my client (NB. I learned she hates that term, we’re a team in actual fact).  Press calls aren’t always easy and with Lottery winners there is a lot to consider.  Clare was fantastic with the winning couple and press brigade alike, fielding it all like the pro she is.  I learned a lot, had a great chat with Clare and all in all was mighty glad I had got in the car, albeit up the M23.  As Clare said, maybe I could do it an easier way next time and wait for the next job in Sussex…!

Here is a link to the story of this lovely winning family.

And Clare – here’s to another 4 years!

Unless I win the Lottery to be honest.


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