What do you think of Thing Link?

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I think it’s great!  If you haven’t already – hover over the image below and see what happens…

Basically Thing Link is an app that lets you embed url’s (and images if you upgrade) to a photograph.  It provides another layer of interaction with the viewer and can also of course contain much more information that just a caption or text.

There are the usual 3 levels of access to Thing Link plus a custom version.  The Basic package is free and gives you a good enough testing ground, so I highly recommend it.  The next option currently $20 p/m so definitely accessible.  There is also a new feature (which I haven’t tried yet) on the Premium level for 360° and VR imagery – possibly why there is a big jump in price.  The first thing is to see if you can find some imaginative ways to make it work for you.  So here is a brief outline of how to use it:


Basic How-To:

1.  Sign up at Thing Link (really easy process)


2.  Upload an image.



3.  If in doubt – watch their How To video – link bottom left – but it really is very easy to use.


4.  Click on the image where you would like to tell the viewer more about something – see my example at the top.  Then simply find the relevant URL and copy it into the box top left.  Add any description you want to (or not), and click save at the bottom.

Thing Link Screenshot


5.  To save/use it, click on Share (top right) and you get the pop-up below.  To add the image in your blog, copy the embed code into a post.  Here is a Thing Link I created of that stage:



I am just about to make one for my About Page on the website…any other ideas, or samples, pop them below it would be fab to see your ideas.


At Vervate, we take the pain out of the creation of your visuals assets and work with the skills and resources you have as a company.  Let us know what it is you could do with support with and we can pick up from there.



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