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So.  It’s not a gif or a photo.  It is the relatively new Instagram feature – the boomerang.  Basically it is just a ‘burst’ of photographs taken on your phone and stitched together.  It’s available for iOS and Android phones – more details HERE.  Here is the promotional video Instagram posted on Vimeo:


Personally, I liked the sound of this because much as I find tools such as Giphy easy to use, it is an extra thing to do.

Let’s have a quick look at it so you can decide for yourself.



Well it is fabulously easy.

The app takes you straight into the camera with your forward facing and selfie lens options (the rotate button bottom right) and the flash option:

Literally point at your subject and hold down the white button at the bottom (the box on the left is a link to your other boomerangs):


Boomerang will take ten pictures, duplicate them in reverse order, then stitch them together to produce an animated clip which plays on repeat:

Clicking on the MORE button gives you the options you have set up on your phone.  There is no social aspect directly in Boomerang.  I intend to use them simply for Instagram as it fits my social ‘story’ best there too.

NEW:  An option to create your Facebook profile picture is given now too – though it is cropped into a square, so best to shoot Landscape if you have that in mind:


Here’s a Boomerang I made at Brighton Wheel the other day:



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